Unlock greater productivity with Laserfiche - the go-to solution for secure content management, agile eForms, and efficient workflow systems. Manage your enterprise content with ease and wave goodbye to manual processes.

All your information kept safe and sound

Laserfiche combines Content Management (ECM) functionality with powerful eForms and Business Process Management (BPM) engines, security and auditing tools. 

Laserfiche enterprise content management software guides organisations to a higher state of productivity, seamlessly connecting imaging with document and records management to manage all enterprise content.

With unique features – including unlimited repositories, workflow and eForms drag and drop designers, and transparent records management to meet Governance and Compliance requirements – Laserfiche is the ideal choice to maximise your information agility.

Laserfiche is available as an on-premise solution, with subscription options, and can be implemented in private or public Cloud. 

Laserfiche™ is a perfect fit for your business

Laserfiche integrates comprehensive content management tools with business processes to optimise information, manage content throughout its entire lifecycle – including content acquisition, filing, access control, routing and archiving.

1.Information Capture

Capture and digitise all types of documents

2.Business process management

Automate business processes while enabling increased visibility into performance

3.Manage and preserve your content

Manage all organisational content throughout its lifecycle


4.Maximise user adoption

Integrate seamlessly with the Microsoft® applications you use every day

5.Integrate and share information

Enhance productivity and save time with centralised access to multiple line-of-business systems

6.Eliminate paper-based processes

Streamline your operations and say goodbye to repetitive manual processes

All your information kept safe and sound

If you need a solution that passes the governance test, look no further